Road Warrior Animal (Alive)

Joseph Aaron "Joe" Laurinaitis [1960 - Present]

Pro wrestler Road Warrior Animal

Working as a bouncer in the Twin Cities, Animal was "discovered" by wrestling trainer Eddie Sharkey.  Sharkey agreed to train Animal as well as his best friend Hawk, Barry Darsow, and Richard Rood (Rick Rude).  Making his wrestling debut as a singles wrestler, "The Road Warrior", Animal would soon be paired with Hawk to form the tag team known as the Road Warriors.  The Road Warriors were one of the most dominant tag teams in professional wrestling history; they captured tag team gold in every major professional wrestling promotion. The passing of the Road Warrior Hawk in 2003 was the end of the original Rad Warriors tag team.  Road Warrior Animal made an in-ring appearance against WWE's Heath Slater in 2012.

mike - 2010-10-31 10:15:36

When the Road Warriors were in Georgia Championship Wrestling they were managed by Precious Paul Ellering and his stable of wrestlers was called the Legion of Doom. It included Jake the Snake Roberts, King Kong Bundy and the Spoiler.

carlo1959 - 2010-04-29 22:13:53

the were and are and will always be the best tag team in the world..

Buckeye Bruce - 2009-10-18 20:04:44

His son is also one of the most overrated linebackers in NCAA history.

carl - 2009-07-25 23:11:41

The Road Warriors were a professional wrestling tag team famously composed of Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand and Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis, though other members were added later. They performed under the name "Road Warriors" in the American Wrestling Association, the National Wrestling Alliance, and World Championship Wrestling, and the name Legion of Doom (L.O.D. for short) in the World Wrestling Federation. Under either name, their gimmick was the same - two imposing musclebound wrestlers in face paint. Generally recognized as one of the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history, the pair is well known as innovators, popularizing the use of face paint, using their massive physiques and power moves to win over audiences, and introducing a tandem maneuver known as the Doomsday Device. Both men used the move as a team finisher throughout their careers, even when teaming with other partners.

Oz - 2009-04-28 17:13:58

His son James just got drafted into the NFL by the St Louis Rams. I go to the games, maybe I'll see Animal there...

Rob - 2008-12-17 19:02:54

His son is the Ohio State LB who just became the 2nd person to ever be named to 3 first team All-American teams.