Ox Baker (Dead)

Douglas A. Baker [1934 - 2014]

"I love to hurt people!"

Pro wrestler Ox Baker

Notorious for his dreaded "Heart Punch," Baker stood 6 foot, 5 inches and weighed 342 pounds. During his storied career, Baker captured numerous titles and was involved in notable feuds with the likes of Harley Race, Bruiser Brody and Big John Studd. Terry Funk once called Baker "the toughest man I ever shared a four corner ring with." Outside the pro wrestling world, Baker is perhaps best known for his performance as "Slag" in John Carpenter's Escape from New York (1981).

Andy - 2014-10-20 10:00:09

RIP OX BAKER 4/19/1934 - 10/19/2014

J-Bone - 2014-09-19 01:41:28

Ox's health is failing, unfortunately. So much that his daughter started up a gofundme.com charity page to help pay for his medical bills and, ultimately, his funeral. Prayers to Ox and his family. http://www.gofundme.com/a17z3s

Jason - 2014-02-23 21:50:55

Yeah, that dreaded Heart Punch killed two men. He may have used either a lesser version or perfected it later on, I am not sure.

Ed Mooney - 2012-12-02 10:29:30

Ox was wrestling in Sebring, Florida in the late 70's. My friends and I waited after the matches for the Wrestlers to come out and ask them for autographs. We asked this lady waiting in her car if her husband was a Wrestler. She told us Ox Baker was her husband. Ox, the character, was a mean and dirty SOB and hated by everyone of us. We harassed her until she started to cry and then we heard this booming voice behind us and we saw Ox coming toward us and he wasn't smiling! Fearing a heart punch, we all scattered in different directions. Ox, I'm sorry we upset your wife that night. Peggy, RIP.

big john lee kings cross sydney australia - 2012-10-29 17:11:55

ox was a gentelman out of the ring he gave as good as he got in the ring was a tag teampartner of butcher brannigan was managed by steve the crusher rackman had a good run here in australia

Bill Weldon - 2012-09-13 13:31:21

I worked with OX at the Algoa Correctional Center,Jefferson City,MO. Can't recall the year. It had to be be 1988,89 or 90 something. OX was A Correctional Officer I. He didn't make it through his 6 month probation period. He knuckled thumped an inmate in the housing unit he was working.The problem is he didn't follow Department policy and procedure on use of force. Later the inmate filed a complaint against OX for physical abuse,and that ended his employment with MO DOC. OX was a great person to work with and a asset to have in a emergency within the prison. His size intimated a lot of inmates LOL. I remember his big bushy eye brows and large hande. It was an honor for me to have worked with OX even tho it was a short period. OX your the greatest.

GARY - 2011-05-17 10:43:58


Ernie - 2010-08-26 11:00:48

YouTube has the footage of Ox and his late wife Peggy renewing their wedding vows. The footage was originally aired on a Connecticut public access cable show a few years ago. It's kind of nice to see a tender side of such a colossal monster heel, and I must admit a bit comical at first because nothing prepares you for the unforgettable image of the 6'4 Ox with his huge Fu Manchu mustache and wearing a top hst and tux. Still, a sweet tender moment, and made all the more poignant considering Peggy's recent passing.

Jerry Klein - 2010-06-06 19:10:07

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Ox Baker while visitng my brother in New England. He is a true legend, a gentleman, and a class act through and through.

donald klein - 2010-05-24 20:39:11

Ox has indeed lost his dear Peggy Ann. He is still active and attends many shows and conventions.

Ernie - 2010-05-16 13:05:52

Sad note: Ox's wife Peggy recently passed away. On behalf of wrestling fans everywhere, I would like to offer Douglas and his family my deepest condolences. In order to win the Ox's heart, she must have been a heck of a great lady.

Ernie - 2010-02-18 00:10:36

I still haven't figured out why the WWWF brought him into the promotion back in 1978 or 1979. He was supposed to be entering the territory for an extended run and he even had the Grand Wizard as his manager, which they wouldn't have done if it were only a guest shot. He squashed some jobber on Championship Wrestling and we never saw him again - he wrestled only the one match and about a month later he showed up in the Mid-Atlantic area to work for either the Crocketts or Jerry Lawler. I was so disappointed; I was really psyched to see him go up against Bob Backlund for the belt but it never happened. Hey Dave Meltzer, clue us in!