Nikita Koloff (Alive)

Nikita S. Koloff [1959 - Present]

"The Russian Nightmare"

Pro wrestler Nikita Koloff

Known as "The Russian Nightmare" (a name bestowed on him by none other than "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes), Nikita Koloff was billed as the nephew of "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff. Koloff was actually born Nelson Scott Simpson in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but adopted his new persona as Nikita Koloff with amazing vigor (he was also hailed as the Russian Road Warrior for his massive physique). After retiring from the ring in 1992, Koloff became a born-again Christian and today operates his own ministry.

Ernie - 2010-08-26 10:49:27

Kind of a funny story about Nikita: According to Sir Adam & The Phantom of "Get In The Ring", when they started their show they were just out of high school and managed to get Nikita on their show. They invited him out to dinner afterwards and Nikita actually brought his wife along to dinner, which the boys were not expecting. They went to Outback and Nikita and his wife ordered something expensive for their meals while the two boys ordered less expensive food. When the time came for the check, the boys thought it was understood that it was separate checks, but Nikita left them with the bill. Adam and Phantom had to pool their money for the meal and it just barely covered the meal without a tip. They had taken public transportation to the restaurant since neither of them had a car and they had to call one of their parents to pick them up afterwards. No offense intended, but it does seem that once a pro wrestler joins the "God Squad" they become a bit . . . shall we say, frugal with cash? Anyway, the whole story is in their book "Mysteries Of Wrestling" that came out a few years ago.

Brett from Levittown - 2010-01-13 21:40:52

Another one of GODS Warriors! PTL