Kevin Sullivan (Alive)

[1949 - Present]

"The Boston Battler"
"The Taskmaster"

Pro wrestler Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Francis Sullivan began his professional wrestling career in the eary 1970's as a babyface.  Along with partner Mike Graham, he won the NWA Florida Tag Team Championship.  The early 1980's saw Kevin Sullivan turn heel and create the Army of Darkness with the "Purple Haze" Mark Lewin, Bob Roop and others in the Florida territory.  They feuded with the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham and Barry Windham.  Joining the Jim Crockett promotion, Kevin Sullivan created The Varsity Club with Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner to battle Jimmy Garvin, The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes.  Moving to World Championsip Wrestling in the mid 1990's, Kevin Sullivan became the Taskmaster and created the Dungeon of Doom (The Barbarian, The Giant, Meng and Kamala were among members) to battle the Hulk Hogan and later the Four Horsemen.  He would have a memorable feud with Chris Benoit after Benoit "stole" his valet (and wife) "Woman".  Kevin Sullivan and his current wife, Linda, own and operate Froggy's Fitness in the Florida Keys (Mile Marker 91.8).

Pave Dave - 2015-07-06 21:33:40

Kevin Sullivan had an appearance on the National Geographic Channels "Legend of Mick Dodge". He was supposedly living in the Northwest Oregon area and was the go to guy for Mick to scrounge stuff he needed in the forest.

Harlan 2010-9-3 - 2010-09-03 11:38:46

Kevin Sullivan also produces for TNA Wrestling!

Ernie - 2010-02-18 00:49:26

'All witness the powah of the Almighty Abuddhadin!" Kevin was so believable as a crazed psychopath. Remember his WCW promos with the Dungeonmaster? (What, was he into Dungeons and Dragons?) When he and Curtis Iaukea got together for a joint promo, you best turn down the volume on your TV set because the decibel rate was nearly off the chart! That Boston accent was the perfect icing on that demented cake. "You betta believe it Brutha!"

Albert - 2008-12-21 00:01:10

Kevin Sullivan was notorious in Florida wrestling as "The Prince of Darkness'. He would come to the ring with a satanic crew and had legendary matches with Dusty Rhodes. He had many stars under his influence, Jake Roberts, Mark Lewin, Bob Roop just to name a few and has Nancy Benoit as Fallen Angel with him also.